Upgrade to Cheese Fries for only .99¢

Fries are good, but Cheese Fries are #DangGood! Guests can enjoy an upgrade to cheese fries for only .99¢. Make sure to mention to guests this option to make their food experience DANG GOOD!


New options have been added to employee meals. 1\4lb Fundraiser Cheese Burger $5 (fries/drink) 1/4lb Chili Cheese Hotdog $5 (fries/drink) Buffalo Sandwich $6 (fries/drink) Buffalo Salad $7 (ranch/drink) Wheat Wrap $7 (ranch/drink) 8pc Boneless $8 (fries/ranch/drink) 6pc Traditional Wings $10 (fries/ranch/drink) TX Popper $6 (ranch)